ISSN : 1533-1520

Journal of Qualitative Research in Business Law, Eco-Fin, Accounting, and Statistics is an international journal published by Garden Journals.
The journal promotes qualitative research at the interface of business, law, accounting, economics, finance, statistics, politics, and management. The journal encourages the assessment of practices in the field through a variety of theoretical lenses and seeks to further our knowledge. 
The journal welcomes submissions of original research papers, conceptual pieces, substantive review articles, and shorter papers such as comments or research notes. The following is intended to indicate potential topics but is by no means prescriptive. These topics can be overlapping rather than discrete subject areas, and researchers should not feel restricted by the scope of the topics listed below.  Management accounting, Accountability, transition, and organizational change, Performance management and accounting metrics • Strategic management •  organizational decision-making • Public and third sector accounting and management • Politics, Law, Accounting and management controls for sustainability and the environment • Historical perspectives on the accounting-management interface • Methods and methodologies for research at the interface of accounting and management • Accounting and management in developing countries and emerging economies, Technology effects